Dolby Digital trouble with UnleashX

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    Aug 16, 2008
    Hey hey people.
    I have a softmodded Xbox. I did it with a variant of hotswap and install where the bootup animation plays, goes into orange light (error?) and payloads to unleashX. Forgot what type of exploit there is, but it works. Big hard drive, lots of games, the works.

    The current trouble for me right now is that I want to play around with original Xbox and it's Dolby Digital support. I have "Advanced SCART cable" which is not the component cable for Xbox but it still includes a TOSLINK for digital audio.
    And the problem is that I cannot go into Xbox dashboard and enable the probable setting for this function. UnleashX setting seems to be linked to Music playback and does nothing. I currently cannot trigger Dolby Digital out with TOSLINK in my amplifier.
    The game I tested was Breakdown, which I have on disc. I know the surround works on it fantastically with xbox 360 backwards compatibility and Dolby Digital works through HDMI and enabled in dashboard (of 360)

    Questions for this dilemma would be; Is there any way to go through system settings of original Xbox without access to original Dashboard? (I can launch it but it goes into ERROR 21 screen)

    EDIT: After pondering and googling over the symptoms and so on, I ended up being told by wise men (forum posters in forums) that my softmod was probably dodgy as heck, and I lacked proper C drive or xbox dash and so on. I took the best advice of burning a HeXEn SE onto a DVD and used it to rebuild my softmod - which all in all went swellingly, now with access to the xbox original dashboard, and even with easy shortcut by keeping tray open on boot, I could enable the dolby digital options and they work very nicely.
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