Does only loading into SX PRO Bootloader to backup NAND flag the system?

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    Hello all,

    Pretty self explanatory post. Was reading through another thread where some people were stating that the first thing they did with their SX Pro was loaded into the SX Pro Bootloader in order to backup to the NAND and have a "fresh and clean" NAND in the event they ever wanted to go back to an unmodded Switch state.

    My question to this is wouldn't loading the SX Pro Bootloader flag the system in the first place?

    If this is the case, it technically wouldn't be "safe" to restore a "clean" NAND backup as I'm assuming if booting into SX OS Bootloader causes a flag, then restoring a NAND that was made after SX OS Bootloader was initially loaded won't really help to eliminate that flag for those who want to ever restore the backup. That 'clean' NAND would in essence have that flag caused by the SX OS Bootloader no?

    Is it right or wrong to believe SX Pro Bootloader and backing up the NAND itself is not detectable but other options such as the autoRCM mod or booting into the CFW is what would cause a flag?
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    Since you are loading outside of Horizon OS (the official Nintendo firmware), there are no logs to be written to, hence no concern about making a NAND backup when loaded through RCM.

    Once you load into OFW or SXOS, logs can be written to once again.
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    The Fusée (RCM) exploit for "load" the loader (SX Loader, NXLoader, etc.) probably leave a flag, but we don't know if Nintendo can know of that. Probably Switch can´t send this type of data via internet, so i think it's safe in this case.
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    This depends if TX's loader can wipe traces of itself being run (Hekate does this, I believe). Therefore, it would be wiser to backup the NAND through Hekate only and not through SX Pro's bootloader.
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    you sound so sure lol
    but im sure youre not really sure.
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    In 2019, so we know if the SX Pro bootloader itself leaves a flag that Hekate does not?
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    we don't know, even if it's 2019, probably the same as all other RCM payloads.
    consider all payload booting into Horizon to leave a trace. whether it's a ban reason or not is up to nintendo to choose. it looks like just running homebrew doesn't ban, xci online doesn't ban (yet).
    nothing has changed since 2018.