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  1. Weaselpipe

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    Nov 18, 2010
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    Why have a memory card if you aren't going to use it? I can think of a few entertaining ways developers could fully utilise the removable memory.


    Pokemon- new game, asks you to remove cart and insert D/P/PT/HG/SS/B/W whereupon it backs up the .sav onto your SD card. In game you can encounter your old characters for random battles, where they will use Pokemon from your boxes that have similar stats to yourself. One of them will be the champion. After completing the Elite 4, you can meet up with them and trade for your old Pokes.
    Pokemon (again). 2 new games as ever, but each has a different main character starting from different points on the map. After you have completed either, when you play the other one your other character will come with you. After completing both you can unlock a new area in each game

    Zelda- rather than go through the whole 'getting to know you' part of the start of each game, if it senses a save from the previous it only explains new things and improvements

    Rune Factory- Complete one, and the next game is set in the same town, where you stay with your previous character and his wife- after each boss you are allowed to take one weapon out of your old characters stash

    I'm sure there are millions of other innovative ways they could utilise a game having knowledge of your previous series conquests. Reckon they'll bother?
  2. Fear Zoa

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    The pokemon thing is never gonna happen....ever heard of pokesav?...I have a feeling nintendo and gamefreak don't like it
  3. Wizerzak

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    sounds like it'd be easier to hack though seeing as the files will have to be stored on sd card. Great ideas though. But why not just store them on system memory like the blocks on the wii.
  4. Weaselpipe

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    Nov 18, 2010
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    System memory is also good! Whatever Ninty do it will be hacked at some point, they should at least have some fun with it!

    The Pokesav thing would backfire on the user though, as you'd end up fighting a bunch of characters with nothing but level 100 super effective pokes. Maybe make a new type of .sav for the new game
  5. dsfanatic5

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    People will use the memory (SD) card. There's 3D pictures, music, and likely 3DS ware from the official Nintendo store. Unfortunately for Nintendo, ever since they adopted popular formats like DVD and SD cards, they opened a door for hacking. I still remember when every cartridge and format was proprietary, and Nintendo made tons of mony off every cartridge manufactured.

    It's obvious that developers don't want an expensive proprietary format, so Nintendo had no choice in joining the party. I'm certain the SD slot on the 3DS will spell its doom, much like it did for the Wii. I have a feeling flashcarts won't be a major factor in the 3DS's exploits, at least when it comes to actual 3DS games. I imagine flashcarts will be commonly used for playing original DS games on the 3DS, but most of us already have a DS(Lite)(DSi/XL).
  6. TheNikkoMan

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    Nov 11, 2010
    I think it's logical that Ninty won't use the memory card for such matters, but the idea of saving them on the internal memory is great. The idea also made me think of another anti-cheating idea: Let's say you play your Pokemon. You save the game, and the 3DS creates a checksum of the save-file and stores it on the internal memory. Somehow you get your hands on the savefile, probably with lots of haxx, and pokesav the hell out of it, before you put the save back onto the game. You boot the game, but the 3DS realises that the previously saved checksum doesn't match the checksum of the save file now, so it prevents the game from loading with an error or such.
    The hole in that idea is that flashcards surely can, if they have already hacked the 3DS, create another checksum for the current save.
    But who cares. I'm not in charge of Ninty's anti-cheating department.
  7. DiscostewSM

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    I'm really waiting for Nintendo (and other developers) to make use of the SD card for user-made content in their games. The DS having a touch-screen made the idea seem more real, but without having a real form of media to hold such content (the DSi could have), it wasn't plausible. Now, with the 3DS, I'm hoping they do something about it, as now the NGP is announced to have both a touch-screen and external memory (and I can see Sony wanting to push such an ability).