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Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by AbdallahTerro, Jan 10, 2014.

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    I grabbed a few GC Iso/gcm files today and learned 2 lessons while making them work.

    Lesson 1: use the ID6 as the folder name and never use weird letters such as ê or è or similar stuff like in Pokêmon. Having those weird letters can give a weird apploader outside zone error while loading the game.
    P.S> You can use "ID6 - Gamename" too as long as you have lesson 1 in mind

    Lesson 2: some gcm/iso files found everywhere black screen when you load them, this is a common issue, 2 out of 5 games have this problem (Kirby Air ride US and SoulKalibur 2).
    The problem here lies in the alignment of the files inside the iso.
    Using Discex or DMToolbox won't help in this case.
    Instead Wiped GCM Fixer v1.5f was a golden tool that helped in this case

    using "FSTFIX gamename.ext s" (align and streamfix the iso or gcm file) keeping same compressed size
    while "FSTFIX gamename.ext t s f" (aligns, streamfixes and restores the uncompressed 1.4GB size)

    you can use Discex and DMtoolbox on the fixed iso/gcm to compress it and it should work too.

    P.S> Kirby Air Ride US was reported as nonworking when compressed in the compatibility list table and I've noticed that DMToolbox refused to optimize this kirby iso, while discex -c gave a working iso with freezing when starting the race, the only option that worked here was "FSTFIX gamename.ext s" and now it works great after using the above mentioned tip with the compressed size of 640MB ;)

    I hope you find these tips as useful as I did. And I believe this can make many GC isos work again with DM(L) or Dolphin and save the time to find and redownload the game.
    Also the compatibility list might get affected positively here

    Abz :)
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