1. sharaku17

    OP sharaku17 Member

    Nov 16, 2016
    Hey guys,

    So my question is regarding to the behaviour a Switch executes when having a Hardware fault like having a burned IC Chip like the M92T36
    opposed to having a corrupted PRODINFO from loading that brick payload from the "cracked sxos"
    From what i heard both have the same behaviour, they get stuck at the nintendo Logo.
    Which ways are there to tell them apart?

    My guess is that the Software brick should still be able to be charged even with a corrupted PRODINFO,
    the hardware fault on the other hand should not allow to be charged am i right?

    What kind of behaviours do you hardware bricked switches execute? And did u find out what exactly was at fault ?
    i would love to collect some data so that we can try to map certain behaviour to some faults :)
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