Did I understand what needs to be done correctly?

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  1. Dockock

    Dockock Newbie

    Nov 13, 2016

    Sorry for the newcomer-question. I've been trying pretty heavily to read up on what needs to be done, if I want to play my games via USB (just say if you want a picture of my games to see it's not for piracy...).

    As far as I can understand, I will be needing the following:
    • USB Harddisk,
    • SD card, atleast 64gb (needs to be able to contain atleast one game + possibly redNAND).
    • A Nintendo DS game from the Nintendo eShop (brain age or some other currently used game)... Preferable downloaded soon, before any newer firmware comes out.
    My assumptions:
    • My Wii U is currently on 5.3.1 firmware, and there would be no harm in upgrading it to 5.5.1 at this point, since there are stable user-level and kernel-level exploits (and IOSU level too, I suppose, although I dont know how stable those are).

    What I need to do (havent understood all of it yet):
    1. Put the payload on the SD card.
    2. Run the DS game.
    3. At this point, the payload is executed, and it probably boots into the homebrew launcher?
    4. I can run redNAND now, where sigchecks are disabled so I can run homebrew + install backups of my games somehow?
    • How correct is the above (are there any solid complete guides? I couldn't find any)
    • How would I transfer my games to the console? is there a file-manager homebrew?
    • I've seen CFW mentioned a few times, mainly from Fix94, and either Maschell or Dimok (sorry, dont remember). Is this worthwhile/whats the deal here?
    • Would DLC be possible? Either from the eShop or worst case if nothing else is possible, by other sources than the eShop?

    Thanks a lot for the help, and thanks to those making this possible! I'm currently using my second copy of Mario Kart 8 because the first disc broke (kept freezing like 3-5 seconds into the Water Park map) , so USB loading is nice :glare:
  2. JimmyZ

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    Apr 2, 2009
    DS Game is for a secondary exploit called haxchi, need CFW to install, before that, you still need browser exploit as entry point, it's not required, but a nice add.

    I suggest you read my signature link.
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  3. Quantumcat

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    Nov 23, 2014
    Canberra, Australia
    Here are some instructions based on my experience:

    Update to 5.5.1

    If you don't have homebrew yet then get it (follow instructions in the Loadiine GX2 thread and put the homebrew launcher on your SD card not the one that boots straight to Loadiine)

    Find Fix94's thread with instructions on how to compile fw.img and do that

    Find CFWbooter and add that to your homebrew folder (/wiiu/apps)

    Look at the Haxchi thread and get one of the DS games mentioned

    Look for a thread with instructions on how to compile Fix94's Haxchi rom.zips (can't remember the person's name who made the thread)

    Boot CFWbooter so you're in sig patched mode

    Look at around page 37 (+/- 2 pages) in the Haxchi thread for @TheCyberQuake's instructions for using wupclient to upload rom.zip

    Install some games using either the Brazilian method (I made a downloader - quantumc.at - but there's others) or from WUDs (there's a thread called something like "how to install from WUDs")



    Now you can open the homebrew launcher or fw.img (whichever you choose) easily with the DS game and play unsigned games/DLC with fw.img.
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