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    Aug 16, 2015
    United Kingdom
    I've had 2.2gb of my hdd used up under the "other" section on my ps4 for a while now and never knew what is what for, people kept saying it was failed downloads but I'd checked and deleted any of those.

    But with the advent of 6.72 exploits I've found that I have a download folder on my ps4 with 4 title folders in it, three of them are related to games (with a download file ranging from 64mb to 1gb) but the other is apparently the "Controller Layout (BD App)" and is 2gb in size.

    Not that I desperately need that little bit of space, but just curious if these are actually temp/failed downloads and are safe to delete, or if they are actually important (I cleared all my notifications so not sure if it is failed downloads or not).

    The other folders dont have file sizes that match any patches or dlc's, so I'd assume they are failed downloads, but would really appreciate some clarification before I go deleting shit I have no idea about, thanks.
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