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    Hi all,

    Does everyone know about the website, ? I was just wondering, are the products for sale really real? Probably many have noticed their super-cheap prices.
    My only questions are:
    1. Are the products new?
    2. Is the currency USD?
    3. Why is it so cheap, because I live in Australia, and now that the AUD is catching up to the USD, and if you see the prices here in Australia, they are definitely not around DealExtreme's prices when converted.

    My other concern it a good site to purchase from? The only thing worrying me are the prices as above mentioned. If you could help me answer these questions, it would be much appreciated.

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    Oct 12, 2009
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    basically they are probably the cheapest, but they are also the slowest, you're lucky to get it within two weeks
    average is around 3-4 weeks

    ordered my 3in1 2 weeks ago, still waitin'

    and from what I hear, they are legit.

    EDIT: they deal in USD

    and I livez in one of the may countries better than yours
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    Er if you mean new as in the products aren't used then yes.
    Currency should be in USD afaik.
    It is cheap because it is from Hong Kong and has free shipping.

    Yes it is a good site to purchase from but beware it takes a long time to get to you.
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    Dealextreme is legit, reliable, very cheap but horribly slow, and if you're buying flashcards you need to be on a lookout for fakes. They don't really check for fakes very thoroughly. You can return the card if it's a fake, they'll ship you a new one, but it's another four weeks of waiting.