Dead Island- time to kill gameplay/dev walkthrough.

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    Would be fans of the NSFW label- it is a hand to hand focused zombie game so expect gore.
    Just though I would post it here.

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    Developers techland have been around for quite a while now and have made some fairly nice games over the course of things although they have had their share of junk as well- in my opinion it lacks the punch of the previous trailer although that was a trailer where this is a gameplay demo so that is probably to be expected. I would certain accuse it of being unpolished but as this appears to be a somewhat early stage of things I can not blame them (nice to see a game seemingly being built all at once rather than cobbled together as well).

    Release date is still TBA but it comes out on PC, 360 and PS3 apparently (the devs say there will be more at E3).
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    This game looks awesome. I like how that chick was like help me please and he just ditched her there hahaha.
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    it reminds me a lot of dead rising 2 but in 1st person mode, it looks interesting though.