Data loading over USB-HDD compared to DVD

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    Jul 19, 2010
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    First of all, I would want to know if my USB-HDD supports USB 2.0 which is the precondition for being faster than a DVD.
    Second, how do I know my Wii accesses data on my USB-HDD with 480 Mbit/s over USB 2.0 support?
    And last, which speed at are genuine DVDs and burned ones read in my Wii?
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    Burned discs 3x dvd speed = ~4MB/s
    Retail discs 6x dvd speed = ~8 MB/s

    Usb 1.1 = ~1MB/s
    Usb 2.0 up to 50 MB/s, most likely less because 1. most HDDs are not that fast(but even really slow one should reach 10MB/s), 2. The usb2.0 driver in the cIOS may not be well written and 3. the speed may be limited by the Wii's processing power

    But all in all, i expect loading from any HDD to be faster than loading from disc

    I guess if your HDD wouldn't support usb2.0 you would notice.
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    There really is no difference in performance between DVD vs USB HDD. A couple MBs faster means nothing. The entire point of USB loading is, after all, to backup you discs in case they get scratched or something.