CycloDS ABXYLR Menu Not Working

Discussion in 'CycloDS' started by Zaraf, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. Zaraf

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    I can't seem to get this menu to work now. I used to be able to use the RTS save, but now that I've tried again, it's not working anymore. Anyone else also have this problem? I end up with the touch screen (and sometimes both screens) just frozen with a white screen. I end up having to power off to restore it.
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    i probably wont be able to give any good info on fixing this, but for others info, i'll ask:
    A. is it for all games? or just for one?
    B. has this happened since installing an update? or did you put anything new on the card at all?
    C. Any other random info that might help?

    Also, have you tried backing up your microsd (always good to do with any problem), formatting the card, and just trying one game no the card and trying it?

    Or maybe finding a firmware update (if available) or reinstalling the current firmware?

    Again, these are basic ideas. But they *are* options [​IMG]
  3. Rayder

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    Copy the contents of your microSD to your computer. Format the microSD. Copy everything back. That might fix it.

    Try to be in a pause state or static menu as opposed to being in the middle of the action when accessing the enhanced menu. That can help.

    I've also noticed that sometimes mine will do this to me too. Sometimes, I think it's because I pressed and released the button combo too quickly. It could also be that the game was in the middle of accessing when you tried to pop into the enhanced menu.

    Some cheats can conflict with the enhanced menu's ability to function too.

    For whatever reason, popping into the enhanced menu just doesn't work for some games. The option is a bit hit-or-miss.

    Hope something there helps you. [​IMG]
  4. All4consoles-UK

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    not sure what firmware you used earlier but try using version 1.55 beta5 after formatting your micro sd.

    DSi's features such as cameras (excluding DSiWare) can now be played and that the enhanced menu for games that lists things such as back to main menu and real time save is able to be brought up by pushing the ABXYLR button combination
  5. DeMoN

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    Don't use the enhanced menu when there is a lot of stuff going on in the game. In fact, it's best to use it only while you are paused in-game.
    As mentioned before, you can try reformatting your MicroSD, as the enhanced menu does require some empty space to work.
    Also, some games have problems accessing the enhanced menu, you can check here for the compatibility list:
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    What? [​IMG]