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    Jul 13, 2012
    CXLB Patcher is a very simple tool that i developed to help people to create and to apply patches.
    How it works? It's like "Xdelta3 GUI", but for "folders" (you will be able to get back the "modded folder" with all the files and the subdirectories).
    If you want the output directory to contain only the modded files, before you create the patch, be sure to check the "Skip identical files" option.

    What happens if you uncheck the "Skip identical files" option?
    When you will apply the patch, the unchanged files will simply be copied from the "original folder" to the output directory.

    What happens if a file is missing?
    If you've checked the "Skip inexisting files" option, the output will not contain the patched version of the file, or else the entire process will be aborted.

    How could it be useful?
    For example, it could be very useful to release legal patches to use with the layeredfs plugin for NTR.

    Why can't i make a simple xdelta patch for the romfs file?
    It would be better not to make a patch for the romfs file for three reasons:
    1) The romfs file could be different from what that you expect; it depends on the method through which you've dumped the game (Gateway Launcher or Braindump).
    2) The patch size would be greater.
    3) You would not get only the modded files as output.

    I don't know if something like that already exists or this tool can be really useful, but i thought it would have been a nice idea.
    That's all, inside the archive you will find detailed instructions about how using the tool (it works via command line too), you can download it from:
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