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    Hello all. Sorry I've been mostly MIA for the past few months (school and work), and I also cannot run any more exploits until a new console comes in. I just recently found an open source Nintendo DSP-ADPCM encoder written in C (ported from Brawlbox), so I can finally get to work on releasing a cross-platform tool (without using SDK tools) that works with my build of Revolution B. I have some cleaning up to do, so I'm aiming to have something ready by Thanksgiving weekend. For Wii U music formats, I can currently build BFSTM, IDSP (to be inserted into NUS3Bank for Smash), and G1L (Koei Tecmo container for Hyrule Warriors).

    If you have a game that you want to use custom music for, and there's no converter for it, post a request for implementation. This can be for anything that uses the Nintendo DSP ADPCM codec, so Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate's DSPW format, DKC: Tropical Freeze's DDSP format, and yes I am putting BFWAV support into this as well.

    For custom music in games like NSMBU and NSLU, we'd need to inject BFWAVs into the BFSAR. I will need help finishing documentation on the format since I haven't had time to finish. It's nearly identical to BCSAR, and I will try and post my current findings on a wiki or something.

    I also want to start compiling a list of proper WAV channel settings depending on what game you're replacing music for, specifically for multi-channel songs. For Mario Kart 8, the frontrunning percussion is always on the 2nd pair of channels. Hyrule Warriors is an interesting case for channel placement, and it varies for each song.

    I also need people to let me know how well song loading goes with the SD card build of Cafiine. I'm assuming it's much quicker. Any questions or concerns, feel free to shout them out.
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    Could you explain what Revolution B is exactly?
    Also for the converter you mentioned on twitter, is there any progress on that?
    When will you update the template for Smash Wii U on brawlcustommusic?
    Will you be uploading your to your YT as well?

    (I'm not a programmer, just a average joe)
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    Still trying to look for a *.BCSAR decompressor.
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