Curious Idea for old 3DS SNES rom injection.

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    So I had a idea for something, i hope you can follow along, look below for what i am getting at. The video is a video of Dragon Ball Z Super Butoden 2 for 3DS. It is originally a SNES Jap exclusive game by namco. Is been ported to 3DS by namco as well (was promoted with Dragon ball Z extreme butoden game for 3DS) The thing about this is, the game works well on old 3DS.

    I decided to extract the cia file to see what can be done. The problem is i dunno anything about the files inside of it. I'm guessing is something just as impressive and encrypted like the sega 3D classic games. Roms are special ports i guess, cause i have no clues about the files here or how they work.

    There is a file labeled Game.arc Not sure what it really is, but there is also audio files i think, with name dspadpcm.bcstm The weird part is the audio isn't the original, is some alternative music. So is this a possible thing or not?
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    to my knowledge, the game was ported, meaning they reprogrammed the snes game on the 3ds.
    it not a rom running in an emulator.
    its weeks of work for a dedicated team to port a snes game in this way.
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    This is not a Virtual Console game, it's a 3DS game. Of course it will work on an old 3DS but 3DS games can't be used for VC rom injections, it's a completely different thing.
    It's the SNES Virtual Console that doesn't work. Even though any SNES game could possibly be ported to the 3DS without issues, emulating a console is a whole different story. You actually need quite a lot of power to run accurate SNES emulation.