Crimson Nocturnal "It's Over"

Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by coolness, May 21, 2011.

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  1. coolness

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    The translation team that recently released the SaGa 2 translation is closing its door to any translations they were working on right now.

    From Crimson Nocturnal:
    "Crimson Nocturnal was created to be something enjoyable and, in a way, educational for those of us that worked on the projects. Gamers getting great games that they would have never played otherwise was just an added bonus.

    In the game translation community, you have three different groups of people. There are the people that get involved and do their part and are a real asset to the projects. You have the people that don't or can't be involved directly with the projects, but they sit on the sidelines and are supportive and understanding and patient..."

  2. Wintrale

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    Didn't they quit weeks ago? Either way, it just goes to show that most people on the internet are complete morons who wouldn't know a good thing if it kicked them in the arse.
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    Olds news.
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