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Discussion in 'Books, Music, TV & Movies' started by Gundam Eclipse, Jul 8, 2010.

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    Just post anything you have written, whether its a novel. song lyrics or a poem.

    The Story:
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Synopsis(Note that the story is INCOMPLETE. I don't know how i should make it go in some places.)
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Feel free to C+C. Please don't do it in harsh manner though <img src="style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/ohnoes.png" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid="D:" border="0" alt="ohnoes.png" />
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    May 11, 2010
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    No where or somewhere???
    Wow, nobody has put out there writing. Well I'll put mine here but I hope it's not horrible as it's my first true story that I wrote. Well at least part of a story. Let me know if I have any "English" problems. Oh and....No One Steal My Story! or at least this part of my story. Here it is...

    Warning: Spoilers inside!
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