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    So I was thinking about if it was possible to replace my cpu so I got a program called CPU-Z to see what my processor was. It said it was a Socket p (478) but I just had to make sure so I opened my laptop to the cpu and it was a socket 479 that I think only works with socket m?. I went searching online about both and in the process got confused. Can someone tell me what processors my laptop can use? I really just want to see how many options I have.
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    often replacing the processor on a laptop isn't worth it... i know a lot more about desktop PCs but often in order to make a significant difference by upgrading the processor, you need a new motherboard with a newer socket type, unfortunately i don't believe you can replace that in a laptop. to answer your question though, your laptop can only use processors that are of the socket p 478 type. if you can find one that is of the same socket type, then it should work. fo desktop PCs, such an upgrade is always cheaper, on a laptop... maybe not so much.
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    its just not worth it, especially on a laptop

    the skt is outdated and new parts would cost a ton of money compared to modern parts which could easily beat it 10 times over in performance

    your better off just buying a new laptop
    you can usually find dual core laptops for around $400-500
    Athlon II X2 and Intel Pentium dual core

    they pack a nice amount of power for the $
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    At the very least tell us what CPU is in there and what laptop you have [​IMG]. Upgrading can be worth it by the way as long as you can get a replacement pretty cheap and there is a noticable performance difference (possibly also worth it to upgrade the ram btw). In general though the replacements aren't all that cheap so you are indeed better off holding out until you buy a new laptop / PC.
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    I upgraded an old 1.5Ghz Celeron to a 2.2Ghz Core 2 Duo in my old media laptop. The difference was quite remarkable, both in speed and temperatures (the wonders a layer of thermal paste makes).

    To be perfectly sure which socket your laptop has, look for the product specifications online. SKT P is much more common than SKT M, although you should still be able to find CPUs for both. Just make sure that they both use similar voltages and have a similar thermal ratings. If you need further help knowing which CPUs are compatible, you can always email customer support. Packard Bell were helpful in suggesting which could work, but they couldn't advise me in taking the laptop apart for the upgrade because "their technical manual is confidential". Fair enough - I just worked it out for myself.

    To get a good idea what can be done, you can always try looking online for variations of your laptop model. For example, my laptop was a PB EasyNote SB007, but i found SB009 and NB014 models that were very similar except for the CPU/RAM configurations they had. That helps you know which parts are officially supported for your laptop.

    Finally, check for BIOS updates for your laptop. Quite often certain newer CPUs won't be supported without having the latest version of BIOS. Check change logs for details.