Couple queries re Plaicets guide

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    I've already used the bible guide pre safehax using system transfers etc (old style) but am still following the recent developments and had a couple queries re the latest guide update.

    1. Why is there still the distinction whether you are starting from a browser (x.x.x-yU) or non browser based (x.x.x-0U) firmware on N3DS section. Could not this piece also be simplified as both flows are combined now.

    2. Why do we still use data_input_v3 zip in the guide and not v4? Are there any notable differences?

    The guide and speed of update with the new hax are amazing work. Handheld me brilliantly. Thanks!
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    1) I dunno, he's still working at it maybe
    2) Data input v4 gave some problems when installing (not updating)