Could a program be made that uses Nintendo Switch Pro controller's NFC on PC?

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    I dunno much about the NFC except it used for amiibo, but is in the joycon and nintendo switch pro controller. I was curious if it could be used somehow on pc. I noticed some stores selling NFC products for amiibo like the N2eliete amiiqo. Besides that maybe it could be useful for other things?

    Again, I dunno much about it so forgive me if I sound ignorant about the idea. I got the idea from browsing stores trying to buy a discounted nintendo switch pro controller. I didn't realize the controller had amiibo function in it. Compared to wii u pro controller that didn't.
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    in theory you could access the nfc reader while connected via bluetooth, but the controller won't be able to use nfc with a USB connection due to limitations in the controller's firmware (which should be easily fixable by nintendo, but they are probably trying to prevent an easier way to hack amiibo hence not fixing it). With the right software and drivers you could probably do something.
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