1. daroga

    OP daroga Member

    Oct 26, 2006
    Hey all,

    I was just reorganizing things on my system via USB, disconnected, and suddenly all the PSP games on the system are corrupt. I can copy the ISO games to the memory stick and they still work there, but on the system they show up as "Corrupted Data." My PSN purchases show up as "Corrupted Data" on either the system or the Memory Stick. PS1 games (both purchased and otherwise) all show up fine.

    Any idea what on earth happened? And more imporantly, how to fix it?


    EDIT: Copying everything off, formatting the system memory, and moving everything back over seems to have worked. Not sure what happened, but coming here for help let me realize that PRO B5 was out so I upgraded! Worked out better than expected!
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