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    Like it or not, you'll have to admit they tried to give a nice GTA clone.

    Menus: Ugh. They look good, but they're annoying as fuck. You'll have to go through tons of screens just to get to your settings, or to get to the GPS. 3/10

    Story: Quite good, it's a little generic at times, but it's fun. There's a bunch of cutscenes, too. 8.5/10

    Graphics: I don't know. The cars, the buildings and the cutscenes look great, but the character models are ugly, the trees are shit and the breakables are even shitter. The explosion effects are stupid too, if they didn't tell you it was an explosion you wouldn't ever think it was one. I myself still don't believe they're explosions... 8/10

    Music: The songs during missions are cool and really fit the kind of mission you're doing, but some sound effects are stupid, like the shooting sound, which is the same for right about any kind of weapon in the game. There's also the annoying 'sound' of the city. When not on a mission, there's no music at all. You only hear cars honking and some random people screaming. 6/10

    Gameplay: First of all, there's 50 missions you have to do, and there's a few optional too. The obligatory missions are quite easy and fun, but the optional ones are frustrating. They're way too hard, even when you have all weapons+ammo (which you can get for free, btw) and all the fastest cars (when you finish the game, fast cars are the only cars in the city, which is awkward). Shooting missions: name says it all. Just point and shoot. Driving missions: again, name says it all, set a route and drive. Infiltrating missions: kinda like MGS, but way too hard. If you get spotted only once, you're dead. And the weirdest thing is you have to fight the guys you're evading afterwards anyways, so why did they make these bloody infiltrating missions? [​IMG] Also, the game in general is too short. I finished it in a couple of days. 5/10

    Replay value: None. Unless you're the weirdo that wants to go look for all the breakables and pictures. 0/10

    Overall: It's an attempt, but still needs a lot of work till it gets as good as the regular GTA or similar. 5.5/10

    By the way, if you wanted to know why you can't shoot people on the streets, take another look at the title.

    Images (Credit to Gamespot):

    Driving mission

    Shooting mission

    Taking a picture

    Looking for people with cameras

    Just driving around