[Conversion] From audio file to .bcwav

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    Dec 16, 2013
    Hi everyone !

    In order to customize the icon, the banner and the launch sound like PSP (icon0,Icon1,snd.ac3 ...)
    Here what I'm talking about on PSP : PSX2PSP :


    The tool 3DSBannerMaker is just great !
    But I have no easy way to convert audio file to bcwave

    It will be great if we can have the same program as PSX2PSP .
    Easy, intuitive and efficient

    From now on, I just can't convert a wav file to bcwave and I really would like to use my personnal "ocarina" 3 secs to launch Zelda DX !

    Thanks in advance for giving me informations !
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    Sep 23, 2013
    you need a question mark on your title
    also there is currently no legal tools to make a bcwav file afaik....the only tool available is from the official SDK
    btw the file you need to look at is "ctr_WaveConverter32.exe" and the wav file needs to be 3 seconds or less
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