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    Hey 'tempers!
    Before you continue reading my post, please tell me if this the right section to post issues of this kind, regarding troubleshooting controller issues. Thanks; and if this is not the place to post issues regarding my controller problem please tell me the link so I won't make the same mistake twice thanks [​IMG]
    I recently bought a wireless Gamecube controller (MadCatz brand) at GameStop the other day. When I came home, it seems I never got a user manual for it...
    I checked there website to see if they had a online PDF manual for the product, and they did. Unfortunately, my computer won't open the file. (I have the Adobe PDF reader so there must be something wrong with there site) So I tried figuring out to set it up by myself..I purchased the correct batteries (AAA) and placed them correctly in the controller, then I plugged in the wireless adapter thing (lol) on my nintendo wii. A red light lit up and began to blink..So I switched the on button on the controller, the adapter stopped blinking which probably meant the contoller was wirelessly connected to it. The controller on the other hand was quite diffrent...
    It blinked once and never responded again....Basicly the contoller is not working I presume...Please tell me if I'm doing something wrong if you have this wireless controller thanks in advance! [​IMG]
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    Well your first problem is getting a MadCatz product. You won't make that mistake twice, lol.
    Their stuff is crap.

    I don't know the exact name, so what I assume to be the manual for it just says it's supposed to auto-sync.
    You seem to have done what you were supposed to.
    Knowing MadCatz, it's probably defective.