Console alternative controllers that have worked/stuck/been successful?

Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by FAST6191, Jul 6, 2016.

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    Earlier today I made a comment along the lines of "Nintendo should go third party and maybe make controllers/peripherals", however as I sit here thinking I can not think of much that has stuck when it comes to alternative controllers for consoles. Though I don't think Nintendo has done anything particularly useful for controllers (the wii was nice but we are not all using wii remote style things to play games) since possibly the dpad we are assuming it would be necessary for them to make games. They had some nice enough ones after that (the SNES was good and the gamecube one sound I guess, classic controllers were not bad either).

    I am not talking about third party controllers that try to be the originals (they are all awful and always have been) or marginal tweaks on them but actual different controllers/input methods. Even the device makers themselves struggle -- move and kinect were failures, and though I reckon MS abandoned the kinect 2 before it should have been (bundling it was the right move from where I sit if they even hoped to have it work, I don't know the loss/sales projections so I can't tell if they pulled the plug at the right time from a business sense) that has since failed as well.

    As people pay the silly money for amiibos I imagine if they could get a controller down to around that price (£25-£30) and saying "all our games will be built with this in mind) it would still work. Equally the phone controller market still seems pretty fragmented and thus available for the taking.

    Anyway back to controllers. You have your dance mats which do for dancing games well enough, flight sticks still exist and do OK there, I am not sure I can count skylanders connection station things, there was the drawing tablet that supposedly sunk thq but kind of made an impression prior to that, the amount of stuff that people flung against the wall for 16 bit and older consoles is fodder for endless videos for people that look at old gaming stuff, even the humble steering wheel more often than not ends up in attics, sheds, under beds, in cupboards, in charity shops, in car boot sales..., and I am now down to things like Steel Battalion which did for its game but not a lot more.
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    Are you referring to all alternatives(pretty much anything other than the main controller) or simply experimental ones(cameras, motion etc)? Guitar Hero was massively successful on the PS2. Eyetoy and Singstar did pretty well too. Then there's the lightgun for games like Time Crisis. As for regular alternatives, Hori mini pad on the N64 is often considered superior to the original controller. I have one and I think it's better than an unmodded official controller. Once modded with a proper stick, I prefer the original.

    There are also a whole bunch of fighing sticks worth mentioning.
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    I don't really have anything with third party controllers.
    Most of them just feel incredibly plasticy and the addition of turbo buttons and what not just makes them feel cheap.
    Reason why I don't like turbo buttons is they are cheaty and unskilful imho.
    Fighting sticks, well, I never had a thing with fighting games so I'll completely pass on this.

    As for the N64, you kinda have no option but to get a 3rd party one as the analogue stick on the N64 is complete rubbish.
    I got a 3rd party N64 controller (barely touch it) and a 3rd party PS2 controller (which, with the lack of turbobuttons or any other cheat buttons) actually feels more solid then the original PS2 controller, 1:1 copy of the original one.
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