Classic Controller Pro analog stick problems with Homebrew apps and emus.

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    Jan 17, 2013
    Hello community.
    It's been quite a while since I've been having this issue, and I cannot seem to find a way to fix it.

    I've been using the following apps:

    When I use a GC controller or Wiimote+Nunchuck it works fine, no problem.
    The issue is when I start using my CCP.

    When I open up those apps and try to play with my CCP, the analog sticks tend to react in an odd way.
    With Wii64, the left analog stick always has this little down movement.
    With Super Mario 64, the character always moves as if I were moving the stick down a little bit.

    With QRevPAK, the right analog stick does the same thing.
    The app reacts as if I were moving the right analog stick down a little bit, making the camera go up very slowly.

    In my search for a fix, I stumbled upon this:

    Apparently, each CCP has a different calibration, which make be why each app reacts different to it.

    Also, it is worth noting that my CPP WORKS PROPERLY with NGC/Wii games. The issue stated above is not present in any game for those consoles.

    Is there anyway in which that issue could be fixed?
    If it means having to download the source code and modifying the CCP values, I don't mind, I would recompile the source code with the modifications needed just so I can fix this problem.
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    Yah, CCs have a slightly unbalanced center position that varies from one another ..this and the smaller range (not that I've noticed the smaller range at all when comparing the analog movement with a GC controller in game).

    It probably shouldn't be the problem though, cause since the apps support CC, the code should have a deadzone able to hide the normal center position differences of CCs by default (and since as you said, other wii games don't even have the going-down issue, the analog stick should be normal maybe?).

    Well.. it's weird. I don't use those apps to help too much, but you could connect your controller to the pc (if you have a bluetooth dongle or something, or knows how to connect a wiimote to the pc), so you could visualize the inputs, and see how your analog sticks actually perform... to be sure if it could be the problem.

    I recommend KeyPuncher's WiinUPro for that