cIOS rev5 Backup Modification

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    Nov 9, 2008
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    I don't think that anyone even knows about the project I have been recently working on. It involves a copy of cIOS rev5. The cIOS rev 5 i was using was not the one with the leaked backup launcher. I have gotten to a good point of successfully managing to get the wii to read the logo off the disk. I was also surprised by how quickly it read the logo as well. To do this project I had several of my friends work with me. I decided the DIP module source was a very good way to get our backups running. I know that WiiGator's Backup Launcher 0.3beta did the same thing as well, however our code was a little bit differently executed. It was our main goal to have the disk channel read backups, however because of official IOS restrictions it made our job harder. Not only did we have to manage to get backups working. But we had to find a way to permenantly write the patch to the IOS. And we wanted to make sure that no Nintendo update would kill our hard work. We still do not have a solution to this so we are currently using MenuLoader5 to run IOS249. We have managed to get Wii Music and a bunch of other games to work (my friends had some backups of the games they owned.) However for a really weird reason saves get erased when they are written. So here's a preview of our mod, expect another 4 months of working. Stupid newspaper! [​IMG]
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    oh dear [​IMG]