cIOS and IOS information needed

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    hey , i would like to consider myself to not be a noob when it comes to hacking wii however, i have always been confused when it comes to cIOS and IOS.
    I do not really know what they are and I would like some knowledge because i am trying to hack my buddy's 4.3U wii , everything has gone ok , i used the SSBB method to install the homebrew channel and that worked well , now i am just unsure as to what cIOS i need to install , and dont know if i also need to install an IOS too, someone please help by saying what i need to install,
    Thanks alot in advance , this site is fantastic
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    Aug 23, 2010
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    Use one of the stickied guides to mod the Wii, like ModMii!!

    an IOS is like a driver for the wii (and a cIOS is like a custom driver), each thing the wii does is driven by ONE ios (or cIOS) at a time. Different ÂIOSs are used for different operations, and only one IOS can be loaded by the wii at a time. The most vital IOS in the operation of the Wii is the system menu IOS... if u stub or delete that, ur wii is semi-bricked.
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    all i can say is in modmii i trust

    goto the stickies at top of this forum and download modmii then choose cios to download

    cios = custom ios for playing games from usb or disc but you have a new wii so backup disc are out of the question

    ios = what the wii uses to run all apps if its new you really dont need to mess with the ios

    damn Xflak beat me to it