Choosing a PS2 (With intent to use HDD Loader) help?

Discussion in 'Sony PlayStation 1 & 2' started by Pyrofyr, Jun 16, 2009.

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    I plan on getting a PS2, because I gave away my last one, however when I get my PS2 I plan on using an HDD ISO Loader now that I'm sure it exists. I hate carrying around tons of CDs, I hate swapping CDs, I like to sit back and just play, that's all. I've missed almost every PS2 game that was 'popular' besides very few, and I wish to get this setup so that I can play all of them without a problem.

    What I'm assuming is going to be the beset setup (after reading around here and AfterDawn) seems to be:

    PS2 (Heavy) - That's v1-11
    External Enclosure for PC - To easily move the PS2HDD back and forth
    Internal IDE HDD - To fit all the good games on it I'm going to assume somewhere around 200~500GB? Anyone got a good stable number for me, what's the average size of a PS2 game?

    It looks like that'll be all I need, but I'm still unsure, should I tackle this with SwapMagic2 (I have a copy lying around that a cousin gave to me), or should I just hardmod this sucker and do it that way?

    I read a lot about Memory Card exploits and all of that but am not familiar. I honestly never modded a PS2 as I never owned one when they were popular but instead had a GameCube and my bestfriend had a PS2, I got one much later, (A year before current gen hit market) but never modded my heavy PS2.

    Can anyone point me towards a good way to choose what's best? I just want to have something setup that's almost as efficient as my Wii (I pretty much download game->put it on HDD->Move HDD to Wii->Play game)

    The one-time setup is something that doesn't bother me too much, as long as it's not going to take like 2 weeks to do y'kno~ I don't mind spending a few days setting it up right and downloading stuff.

    EDIT: I hear SwapMagic's are annoying and probably not what I want, since I'm a "No monkey business" kinda guy, in which case I'd probably want to hardmod, no? What's the best compatibility chip I could get in the U.S. (Or is there a list of general prices and compatibility?)