Cfg loader issues

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    Jan 18, 2010
    Hey everyone hope some one can help I've been having a few issues with cfg loader.

    1 I had to delete the config.txt so I could download the games covers but now cfg doesn't save my style preferences.

    2 I've recently updated from v70 to 70r65 and since doing so admin lock has suddenly appeared and even though I disable it when I exit cfg and go back in its back on.

    3 I was backing up my resident evil darkside chronicles when the system froze and a disk write error appeared, I’ve plugged my hard drive in to my pc (it's fat32) and I can see the dark side chronicles folder in wbfs but for some reason all my folders are now read only, and even if I change that attribute after I disconnect the drive and plug it back in the attribute is still active again even though I previously unchecked the box so I can't delete the file.

    4 even though darkside didn't finish backing up the folder is still present on the hard drive the physical apace has been used but the folder is empty.

    Please can some one help.