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    There’s three constants in this world: death, taxes, and Cemu updates. This time around, we’ve got another minor update, which tweaks a few things and crushes a few bugs. With the newly released version 1.15.18, your favorite Nintendo Wii U emulator will be be snappier, as initial startup loading times have been cut down. For those that enjoy nice UI’s, there’s some new grid-based display sorting modes to better show off your installed games. With each passing week, we slowly get closer to the Cemu Vulkan implementation, which is happening soon, in an upcoming 1.16.0 update. Until then, keep up to date with the changelog below, and grab the latest version.

    # Cemu detailed changelog for 1.15.18
    # Patreon release date: 2019-11-01
    # Public release date: 2019-11-08

    general: Optimized startup time of Cemu
    general: Several gamelist improvements
    - New grid based display modes
    - Faster loading time
    - When refreshing the list each newly discovered entry is displayed immediately, rather than all at once on completion
    - Remember column order, can be reset via right click context menu
    - Fixed playtime not being tracked when launching a game via command line (#206)

    coreinit: More accurate implementation of calendar API
    Fixes a date-dependent softlock in Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival

    input: Fixed a bug where the rumble preview in input settings was extremly short if GamePad was selected

    (#xx) refers to bug tracker issues resolved by this change. See

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  1. NoNAND

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    Aug 22, 2015
    "improves startup time"
    That's the only new bugfix that I'm interested to see.
    Honestly, it took me ages to load cemu.
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  2. Paolosworld

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    Jan 12, 2019
    United States
  3. SpiffyJUNIOR

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    Apr 13, 2016
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    ETA 2020 at this rate holy fuck they are delaying the shit out it
  4. Darksabre72

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    Nov 26, 2016
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    good luck with vulkan guys[​IMG]
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