Cartridge removed error on Sx Os 2.2

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    Nov 15, 2018
    Hi all

    Been here for months but never really had to login to ask myself thanks to the great guides and tutorials and the search button ;) this time however maybe I'm too blind but can't seem to find an answer to my recent issue

    I'm using Sx Os 2.2 and I'm on 6.1 (most recent I think with joycon updates) I'm playing let's go Pikachu xci through USB HDD and Evey time my console goes to sleep mode when I come back and do the button combination to resume playing I get the error as if the cartridge has been removed and I have to go back to the album to load it, only this will cause an error and have the whole CFW crash on me and have to reinject payload and so on.

    Ive found a way around it which is basically loading a different game, running it and then loading and running let's go pikachu again, needless to say it's very inconvenient as I must always remember to save before leaving console on idle.

    Any ideas or previous experience with this?

    I appreciate your help very much
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    Try updating to 2.2.1
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