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    Sep 14, 2009
    Hello everyone,

    I wish to restore my backup made with hekate, before CFW. However, when I put the original files into the SD and try to run restore eMMC BOOT0 BOOT1, I get
    00: BOOT0
    Error (4) file not found. Continuing...

    01: BOOT1
    Error (4) file not found. Continuing...

    However, I am adamant that the files are present.

    Are BOOT0 and 1 different in various dates? For example, could I have accidentally overwritten them unknowingly at some point with later versions, thus causing these errors?

    Or is there something here I am missing about the process?

    EDIT: I solved the problem. I had more (?) files than I needed. I only copied BOOT0 and 1 and rawnand.bin.xxx files to \restore folder and now it seems to work.
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