Can't copy save to SD card

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    I'm trying to copy my save file of Mario Kart Wii to an SD card so I can install one from WiiSave that has everything unlocked. I guess I only want my file in case it doesn't work or something. But the damn thing won't copy to my sd card. the wii says "This file cannot be copied" WTF? A couple other games are telling me the same thing, they are: Tetris Party, Space Invaders, Alien Crush Returns, Bomberman Blast, Dr. Mario Online Rx, Smash Bros. Brawl.
    All of my other saves can be transfered. WTF?
    I'm on 3.2 with starfall and some other stuff installed like the shop update and mii update things.
    I'm thinking that since they use online that might have something to do with it.
    Oh and I've tried two different cards that I know work in the Homebrew Channel and for transfering Shop purchases.
    Anybody know why this is happening and how I might go about copying my Mario Kart save?

    Oh well after doing a quick google search it appeaars that I'm just SOL and will just have to try my luck that this file works. Doubt i'd ever unlock everything anyways.
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    They are copy protected saves
    Reboot with geckoOs/Backup launcher after enabling remove copy flag in its settings
    you'll be able to copy them
    (and you can move the disc channel I think)
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    Softmii is always the answer