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Jul 11, 2016
United States
I already have my N3DS bricked for messing all the things up after I found that I cannot install any cia anymore.

I got my 3DS hacked few days ago and everything worked perfect at first. However the BigBlueMenu and Devmenu cannot work and will lead to a crash on my machine. (I do not know why for this but someone said you cannot use BBM or Devmenu if the rest capacity of the sd card is more than 64Gb.) Anyway I can still install CIA via FBI and the game works fine.

Today I found that if I change the theme via Reinand, the real system will change its theme. So I redid the separate of the systems and it works fine. But I cannot install any CIA anymore, even the BBM or Devmenu I deleted before.(I still do not know why.)

After a total mess, I got my 3DS bricked and it cannot run anymore. I have tried the recovery mood but it does not work. There is no light on the screen now. I hope it could still be repaired with the NAND I saved before. And is there anyone knows that why the CIA cannot be installed? Also, I will be glad to see if anyone in New York could provide a hard mod service.

Thanks a lot.


You cold not install the CIA because your NANDs are linked, this would have been fixed by using TinyFormat to format either your sysNAND or emuNAND. (One or the other, not both)
And, yes, the NAND backup should work. Sorry for the late reply/

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