cannot get wad file to install so I can backup games

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    Hello, I have a new wii, version 3.4. I have installed homebrew channel. When I go to install the wad IOS37-64-v2070.wad using the custom installer according to the instructions in the thread I get an error 2011. So, I searched it and I found a site that says for a fix to run wad manager and install wad IOS16-64-v257-prod.wad . I also get an error. I am really confused on what I need to do to get the wad file I need installed so I can back up my games via my wireless network. I dont know what apps I should have on my SD card and how to go about it. I have read that version 3.4 is why I cant install the wad file but then when I "think" I am following directions for the fix I cant get it to work either. Please if anyone can help a "Very Confused" individual that would be great. I really appreciate it and I'm sure the fix has been published but I guess I need it spelled out for me in step by step form because apparently i'm too dumb to get it. again, Thanks for anyones time and If I could be of help with any vehicle problems I would be more than happy to help.
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    You have to use the Normal Wad Manager to install IOS16 and then the custom to install cios_fix or cios_rev7. then you can install any wad.

    For Downgrade:

    1. Run IOS Downgrader

    2. Run Cios Downgrader
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    Well you first have to instal IOS16 with the normal Wad Manager 1.3 to get the custom one to work, and I believe you are looking for cIOS36_r7.wad (or cIOS249_r.wad), the IOS37.wad wont do anything special since you already have it in your system installed, try reformating your SD and try again after that, sometimes the SD gets corrupted for taking it out to fast form your PC..!! [​IMG]