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    May 2, 2018
    I have been looking everywhereeeeee for such a save file. I am just wondering if anyone has a game save for this game, I require a save file so I can play this game on the ps3 via the mgs hd collection. I know its account locked but I can sort that issue out I wont discuss that here. Problem is I had the psp peacewalker game via PAL version and my psn account was PAL. I got the mgs collection for US as by the time I purchased it it was sold out at my stores so I had to get it online via a US seller thankfully. I can enjoy all the games in the collection no questions ask it is just an issue for peacewalker.

    I cant use the built in game transfer utility tool because my psp is pal account and I have no idea how to convert the region save to US. I found a save file off someone elses US version for psp but again I cant use the in game transfer tool it fails at 92% and I assume it is because the persons psp save file is a different psn name to that on my US ps3 account. If it helps I was wondering if there is a tool to transfer that persons 100% save file profile name to match my psn US profile name and maybe transfer it back to my psp and sign on with my US psn account and then attemp the transfer to my ps3
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