Can someone tell what happened?

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    Jul 16, 2016
    Background: I've noticed that plenty of people has a situation when trying to DSiWare downgrade method about NNID is the donor and target system, having to call Nintendo and stuff like that.

    Situation: When I finally bought my N3DS I decided to try a CFW in my O3DS so I system transfered my NNID from my O3DS to my New3DS and made a new account that I linked to my now formatted O3DS. Afterward I proceeded to downgrade and CFW installation with DSiWare method using FieldRunners and succed, the problem was my friend's NNID was linked now to my O3DS and I wanted the NNID I already prepared in my system, I searched and I was rarely answered with any solution, I tried tinyformat but failed. I didn't system-format because I didn't know if it would mess my Luma/Arm9lh so I decided to do a leap of faith and formated it (now I know it doesn't), then I proceeded just to link my NNID prepared previosuly for my O3DS with no problem. Why people is not doing this?, there is somethig I'm losing?