Can software identify DualShock 4 controller color?

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    So, I was messing around with a TV made by Sony with a Blue Dualshock 4 controller connected, and I noticed a dialogue that referred to the controller as "DualShock 4 (Blue)", which prompted me to ask this question. I was wondering if it is actually possible to identify a controller's color through software rather than looking at it, or if it was referring to it as "Blue" because that was the color of the light bar at the time. So, I want to know how to identify the color of a controller through PC software, but I also have some questions regarding certain controller colors using this method, if it's possible. Here's what they are:

    1.If you try to use software to identify this controller's color, what color will it be referred to as?
    2.What color will a Black Ops III controller be referred to as?
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    facepalm Of course it's the light bar!
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