can comeone please make me a custom wii theme?

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    Dec 11, 2010
    hi i have done loads of research about making your own theme for wii but it sounds really hard and complicated i was just wondering if its not too much to ask as i have also read that once you have done a few they are really easy anyhow i was just wondering if someone could please make me (well my daughter) a theme for wii im on 4.1e and im wanting it to be disney princess and tinkerbell and jessie on the empty channel boxes i want to have her name on both the health screen and the main menu if possible her name is Demi and also red as the colour for other things like the background n things like that could you change the health screen aswell???? if so to something that is good like tinker or disney princess or jessie thanks again if someone could its for my little girl for her wii for xmas if not i will have to try some how lol woman r not good at these things well some woman like me lol