broken L button?

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    the L button on my DSL isn't working. I just replaced the top screen (the L button was broken prior to this). I was hoping that disassembling it and putting it back together would fix it, but the L button still doesn't work. My next step is to take the back cover off, and try the little button itself to see if it does work and it's just the plastic L that's broken. If that doesn't work, is there way to actually replace the L button itself?
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    My DSi L and R button are broken [​IMG] The R button works occasionally / rarely. It's very annoying.

    No more "Skirrrttt"ing on Mario Kart DS.
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    the button switches are replaceable (DX stocks them for about 2-3usd for a pair), however be warned that they are surface mounted. you'll probably find a heat gun will more easily remove the old one and then you can tin the pads on both the motherboard and the switch itself and tack it into place with your soldering iron if you have a very fine tip.