Bricked AK2i?

Discussion in 'Acekard' started by Forever Forbidde, Mar 15, 2011.

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    Okay, so I've been dicking about with my AK2i recently. In short, i wanted to play Pokémon White, so i updated to 1.8.6a, i got an error saying my card was a clone, which it isn't, and so i went back to 1.8.5. I still got such error on that, so i went back the the last firmware i had before i updated; 1.8.1.

    I got my thing working on 1.8.1, but i turned off my console after a while, because i wanted to hunt down a way to play B/W on 1.8.1. When i turned it back on, things were really odd. I'm using a DS Lite, and it shows the thing for when a game is in, but it has no name, and no icon. I can clock it, and it does its floaty thing and goes into the "game" (Which you just lost), but i end up on a white screen. I've tried 4 different SD cards now, and even without, it still does this. It's not a contact issue, I've shoved all manner of things down there to make sure, including a piece of card i made just for the job.

    I should note i didn't format it when i downgraded. Have i done fucked up and lost my acekard, or is there something i can do? All I've wanted to do for like a week now is play Pokémon White.

    Thanks doods
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    Your card is a clone.

    1.8.1 was allowed to work on the R4i Ultra (an "OEM" Acekard supposedly), so I'm guessing it's a clone of that or is a 'real' R4i Ultra with an AK2i sticker.

    By the way it shows the game cart without a name/icon, it sounds like it's bricked. You should be able to recover it using another card (ANY card that runs will work) by using the DSl (not DSi) updater from here: