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  1. joker92092

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    Jul 25, 2009
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    this is my process for applying the textures . first i download them from theses sites
    and some from this page
    then i take my iso that i got from my legal copy of brawl and open it with wiiscrubber 1.4 . then i go to
    Partition:1-DATA (0) (SUPER SMASH BROS BRAWL)
    Then i go to
    then i select the fighter i want to replace the texture of
    then i replace the file by right clicking and selecting replace . after that i select the file that i want to replace it with .
    for example - i right click on FitSonic05.pac or .psc . this is the black costume . then i replace it with the texture i downloaded . in this case it is shadows texture . i replace that then after the iso re-parses i go to scrub iso . when its done i put the iso on my 230gb western digital Hard Drive . then i boot the iso with wiiflow . the game loads fin but when i select the costume for sonic and then i select a second character and press start. the music keeps running but the game never goes on . the longest I've waited is 5 minutes . can someone please help me . also im using windows vista 64-bit .
    im not using any ocarina codes either
  2. Christopho

    Christopho GBAtemp Regular

    Nov 29, 2009
    United States
    Just get a SD card and load them up that way. I have every aspect of brawl (well most of it) textured and the total size is only 400mb. This includes all characters textured, most stages, the mini-game, custom trophies, and a couple other things. Unless you're doing the music replacement, a 1 GB sd card is all you'll need, and that way your ISO won't be screwed up.

    Hope I helped ^^
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