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  1. ruapotato

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    Feb 4, 2017
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    I can do something like the below; however, I would rather code something to simple increment the memory location for the bottle.
    For example: press d-pad left or d-pad right to change what is in a bottle (DD000000 00000020?)
    Also How can I convert "DD000000 00000020" into something more readable? Can these codes be converted into assembly? Is there memory I can write to safely/not used by the game?

    [Blue Fire]
    005879DB 0000001C
    005879F6 0000001C
    080019B0 0000001C
    08721946 0000001C

    [Green Potion]
    005879DB 00000016
    005879F6 00000016
    080019B0 00000016
    08721946 00000016

    [Red Potion]
    005879DB 00000015
    005879F6 00000015
    080019B0 00000015
    08721946 00000015

    [Blue Potion]
    005879DB 00000017
    005879F6 00000017
    080019B0 00000017
    08721946 00000017

    [Lon Lon Milk (Half)]
    005879DB 0000001F
    005879F6 0000001F
    080019B0 0000001F
    08721946 0000001F

    005879DB 00000019
    005879F6 00000019
    080019B0 00000019
    08721946 00000019

    005879DB 0000001D
    005879F6 0000001D
    080019B0 0000001D
    08721946 0000001D

    [Big Poe]
    005879DB 0000001E
    005879F6 0000001E
    080019B0 0000001E
    08721946 0000001E

    005879DB 00000020
    005879F6 00000020
    080019B0 00000020
    08721946 00000020

    [Bottled Fairy]
    005879DB 00000018
    005879F6 00000018
    080019B0 00000018
    08721946 00000018

    [Lon Lon Milk]
    005879DB 0000001A
    005879F6 0000001A
    080019B0 0000001A
    08721946 0000001A

    [Empty Bottle]
    005879DB 00000014
    005879F6 00000014
    080019B0 00000014
    08721946 00000014

    005879DB 0000001B
    005879F6 0000001B
    080019B0 0000001B
    08721946 0000001B​
  2. AnalogMan

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    Apr 20, 2007
    United States
    Tagging @Nanquitas. They'll know a lot about this.
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