bootctr9 - Gateway .bin stuck at loading

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    EDIT: Nvm, apparently the current Gateway payload is not compatible with a9lh v2.

    Hey all,

    so I just completed my first a9lh install on a 9.5 New 3DS. It went pretty smoothly even though it took a few hours to complete all steps with the continous back and forth of copying and backing up files etc.

    Anyway, I have followed Plailects excellent guide and want to use bootctr9 with Gateways arm9loaderhax.bin, EmuNAND9 and Hourglass9. The latter two work fine but Gateway fails to load, it's simply stuck at the bootctr9 splashscreen. bootctr9 log indicates no issues on their side.

    I have the latest Launcher.dat from Gateway (4.1) in my SD root too, so I kinda don't know what I'm missing. Other versions of the launcher.dat don't seem to fix it either, so it should be an issue with their arm9loaderhax.bin.

    Do I need a special config for GW in the boot manager? Current one looks like this:

    path = /payload/Gateway.bin
    delay = 1000
    splash = 2

    I'd greatly appreciate help!
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