Bochs Anyone?

Discussion in 'iPhone, iPod & iPad' started by Jamstruth, Mar 23, 2011.

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    Bochs is a x86 Emulator that has a version for iPhone, several in fact. Problem is that the latest modified version (Bochs 4) is near impossible to find. The team who made it have had their server down for a while now and there seem to exist no .deb files anywhere on the internet for it.
    I have managed to get an old version with Win3.1 and Win95 preinstalled but its near impossible to control with no keyboard option as far as I can tell. And Win95 failed to boot so all it can boot into now is safe mode (due to lack of keyboard allowing me to change the option.
    Anyway, just wondering if anybody else had tried it and had a .deb somewhere I could get. Somehow... [​IMG]
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    Have you looked up iDOS and DOSpad? They're both based from the PC emulator and have really good keyboard, mouse, and joystick functionality. Warcraft 2 is supposed to work perfectly (haven't tried that one yet).

    Both of them are just a few FPS away from running Dungeon Keeper at full speed, so I'm just waiting+hoping for more optimizations in a later version...if they do ever update.
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    Dungeon Keeper on an iDevice? Sounds awesome... I'll have to look into that.