BigBlueBox on Wiped SysNAND

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    Nov 16, 2014
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    Helo Guys, I got a problem. I got a 2DS with 9.2 and today I wanted to install rxTools again, because I changed the SD card to a fat32 64GB one. But the install fails every time, I´m sitting here for more than 7 hours trying different tutorials. I´ve seen that the health and safety app vanished, and when I create the EmuNAND with EmuNAND9, there is the BigBlueBox app, which won´t work, where the h&s app was before.

    What can I do to install rxTools correctly, it will never boot to rxTools SysNAND or anything, everytime back to normal SysNAND.

    Please help me, i wasted so much time for nothing...