Best Wii-compatible wireless gamecube controller...?

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    I'm looking into buying a couple, but most of what I find in a Google search seem to come with mostly black & white reviews - some praising it and some claiming them to be defective. I really don't want to waste my time and money on something that will just break in a few month.
    Any specific brand suggestions that should last quite a bit with little to no dysfunction? Thanks in advance ;)
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    Hey antnj81,

    I got 4 new "Wavebird" wireless GC controllers when I got my GC console. And I still use them with my Wii, and I could use them with a Wii U when I get one!

    The biggest problem is the rechargeable battery packs & charge cradle (sold separately by a 3rd party if you can find one today) never worked well or at ALL!!. So you will have to make sure there's a good supply of AA batteries on hand for Wii and GC wireless controllers. Also, the rubber thumb cap/cover will wear out with a lot of play time. Just order replacements on ebay. Other than that, I have never had a bad issue with the Wavebirds.

    Personally, I think you should avoid the "KMD Komodo Shockwave". They don't feel comfortable in the palm of the hand to me, it might take some getting used to. Also I have read about signal loss for no apparent reason in these and the Mad Catz/gamestop brand controllers. I have never tried the "Rocketfish Gamecube Wireless Controller" but they look to be way over priced for me. There is two or three other brands out there besides the ones I mentioned, just search for Gamecube Wireless Controller or Nintendo Wavebird.

    You can find them on ebay, but you will be in for a fight! They may be out of production (OOP), but still in heavy demand! Don't settle on the first one that pops on the screen, really hunt for the most logical deal. This process may take a month or two, to find a pair of controllers with receivers, at a reasonable price and shipping cost.

    Good Luck & have a Merry Christmas,

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    I always see gamecube controllers on Ebay without receivers. WHERE THE FUCK DO THEY GO?:wtf:
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