Best Retroarch-settings in Wiiflow

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    Oct 27, 2013
    Hello :-)

    I'm new using Retroarch as Wiiflow-Plugin for Gameboy, NES and SNES.
    (I used VbaGX, FceuGX and Snes9xGX before)

    I connect my Wii to my HD-ready 16:9 Flatscreen-TV with a component-cable.

    As far as I know these are the correct Wiiflow-Plugins:
    For Gameboy: Gambatte
    For NES: FCEUmm
    For SNES: Snes9x_next

    But there are MANY settings...

    - What are the best looking ones?

    - How can I save my settings?

    - Can I save different settings for different games? For example:
    Using Gambattes default setting makes "Fortress of fear" look good - but "Super Mario Land" looks blurry as soon as I move Mario...

    I don't mind if the picture is pixel-perfect, as long as it looks good...

    Could someone please help me out?
    Thank you in advance :-)
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