best method of installing CFW?

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    I'm kind of confused with all these different methods and guides and programs for installing CFW. And then there's all these different versions and additional programs that go along with it. Can someone make this easy for a newb to understand? I already have my 256MB Sony pro duo stick to make a MMS. My pandora is on its way in the mail. What version of CFW should I be installing to, and can I go directly from box to that version or do I have to upgrade one version at a time? and does the Desperato cemetario or whatever have to be the same version?? Can someone please explain this in better detail?
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    there is no the best custom firmware. but i beleive that most people still havent moved on from 3.90m33-4. i myself am on 5.00m33-2 because i dont care too much about homebrew.

    you can go from a official firmware to a custom one. but you have to make sure you back your nand before doing so. (press the square button when you load the pandora menu) but depending on what you plan to do, i say do to 4.00m33 or whatever the 4.0 cfw is.

    Des Cem is just the newer name for the pandora menu. which works on the pspslims. the you`ll hear people say DC4,5,6,7 those are just differnt versions that allow you to install straight to a certain firmware

    DC7 allows you to go to 4.01CFW
    DC6 3.90CFW and so forth.