1. AlanWeird

    OP AlanWeird GBAtemp Fan

    Nov 10, 2011
    I cannot wait for Crediar to finish Nintendon't... but for now, my wii is running dios mios lite fine.

    I just find my method of loading backups from SD a bit sluggish. I want to play games with the widescreen hack too. I have several real memory cards, so nmm etc isn't an issue.

    I love gamecube. I ripped all my old games for the widescreen thing alone, but my current loader (dios mios booter) seems to just give crappy results. (black or green screens. backward text on pokemon xd in widescreen.)

    hope someone can recommend a great one. I've seen devolution loader, but when people get preachy about piracy, I simply avoid their shiz. Nothing worse than a coder on a high horse.
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